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    Round Body Air Cylinders

    Round Body Air Cylinders

    Looking for high quality air cylinders for a great price with industry leading made-to-order lead times? You've come to the right place! At Power Motion, we suggest using Parker Hannifin for all your air-cylinder needs.

    There are so many possible applications for round body air cylinders, from food processing and packaging to distribution and factory automation, and everything in between. 
    We have just listed the SR and SRM Series Round Body Air Cylinders on our online store. We listed about 5000 different configurations, but we can order you just about any cylinder you can dream up. 
    These actuators have 304 stainless steel bodies and non-repairable construction. This means they are disposable air cylinders, once they fail they cannot be repaired. They have aluminum heads and caps (Delrin and Stainless Steel also available upon request). 
    There are 12 different bore sizes ranging from 5/16" up to 3". The bore size is the first 4 digits of the part number including the decimal (ex 0.75DXPSR01.00). Each product page has the specifications and a link to its dimension page. We can also generate drawings for any specific air cylinder (in any 2D or 3D format) on the spot, just reach out to us. 
    Stainless steel piston rods are standard up to 1-1/2" bore sizes. They are also available on larger sizes but must be requested and have an additional charge.
    We have only listed 14 of the most popular stroke lengths on our online store, if you need a more precise stroke length than you see listed, please contact us. We can have your cylinder made with a stroke in any increment of 1/16". Stroke length is the last 5 digits of the part number including the decimal (ex 0.75DXPSR01.00).
    There are 28 different mounting styles available, although we have only listed the 15 most popular in our online shop. Reach out to us if you don't see what you need. The mounting style designation is right before the series designation in the part number (ex 0.75DXPSR01.00). Some of the mounting styles are double acting and some are single acting with built-in springs. Double acting cylinders have air ports on both ends to power the extension and retraction. Single acting cylinders only have one air port on the head or the cap. Spring extend means that the piston rod is extended in its neutral position, and you apply air pressure to the port in the head to power the retraction, when pressure is released the spring will push the piston back to the fully extended position. Spring retract is the opposite, the piston rod is naturally retracted, and you apply air to the port in the cap to power the extension, when pressure is released the spring will pull the piston back to the fully retracted position.
    Adjustable air cushions or rubber bumpers are optional add-ons. Air cushions are available on the head, cap or both. They slow the stroke near the end of the extension and/or retraction. Bumpers are rubber rings attached to both sides of the piston to dampen the sound of it hitting the head and cap. Cushioned head will place a "C" right after the bore size and cushioned cap will place a "C" right before the stroke length in the part number (ex 0.75CDXPSRC01.00). Bumpers will add a "B" right before the stroke length (ex 0.75DXPSRB01.00).
    A magnetic piston is another option you can add. This is for use with a Reed switch that will send an electrical signal back when the stroke reaches a certain position. The magnetic piston option is the SRM Series and it's designation is right after the mounting style in the part number (ex 0.75DXPSRM01.00).
    Many special modifications can be made upon request, such as rotated head and/or cap port(s), molycoat cylinder body I.D., reversed seals for vacuum service, remove rear pivot tang, ream pivot pin hole, add pivot pin bushing, etc. Special modifications just add an "S" designation after the series designation in the part number (ex 0.75DXPSRS01.00), if you have an existing cylinder with a special modification, we will also need the CPN (1PSR0000XXXXX) to determine what the modification is.
    Cylinders with aluminum heads and caps (SR and SRM series) are rated for up to 250 PSI, while cylinders with stainless steel or delrin heads and caps are only rated for 100 PSI. Cylinders with aluminum heads and caps and don't have a magnet have a temperature range of -10°F to 165°F, while if it does have a magnet, the temperature range is 14°F to 140°F. Delrin heads and caps are rated for 32°F to 160°F. Operation of these cylinders also require dry air filters to 40 microns, so air filters or filter regulators are recommended.
    There are also a wide range of accessories available for the round body air cylinders. Just choose the bore size, accessory type, and whether you want mild or stainless steel. We have foot brackets, mounting nuts, piston rod clevis', pivot brackets, pivot bracket assemblies and trunking brackets available. 
    Parker SR Series round body air cylinders are completely interchangeable with Bimba Original Line® air cylinders. If you have a Bimba air cylinder part number and would like a better price and lead time, use this tool or contact us to cross it over to Parker Hannifin.
    Stay tuned for NFPA Tie Rod and Compact Air Cylinders coming soon!
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