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    Now Offering Gates Industrial Belts

    Now Offering Gates Industrial Belts

    Gates Corporation is a leading manufacturer of application-specific fluid power and power transmission solutions. Gates is driven to push the boundaries of materials science to engineer products that continually exceed expectations.

    At Power Motion we are a proud distributor for Gates Corporation. We are now offering their full line of Power Transmission belts and pulleys available for purchase on our website.

    With automotive and industrial expertise over 100 years in the making, Gates shares industry-specific tips, guides, stories and knowledge from their passionate team of experts, giving you the tools and support to power your progress. Click Here: Resources Library (gates.com)

    Gates Belt Identification Chart
    We are pleased to offer the following Gates Series on pmisupplies.com :

    Timing Belts- PowerGrip, Twin Power, and Synchro-Power Polyurethane

    V-Belts- Feather Picker, Hi-Power II, Hi-Power II Dubl-V, Hi-Power II PowerBand, Metric -Power, Micro-V, Polyflex, PowerCurve, PowerBack, Tri-Power, PoweRated, Predator, Predator PowerBand, Super HC, Super HC PowerBand, Super HC XP, Super HC XP PowerBand, Tri-Power PowerBand and TruFlex

    Synchronous- Poly Chain, Poly Chain Carbon Volt, Poly Chain GT Carbon, Poly Chain GT2, Poly Chain ADV, PowerGrip GT2, PowerGrip GT3, PowerGrip HTD, Synchro-Power Polyurethane

    Sprockets- Poly Chain GT2, PowerGrip, PowerGrip GT2, PowerGrip HTD

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