0.2500 inch ID, 0.2500 inch OD, 0.375 inch Long, flanged, Plastic Bushing

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FP46-3 Glass Filled Teflon Flanged Bearing


Boston Gear

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With Teflon as their major ingredient, glass-filled bearings are self-lubricating and offer a low coefficient of friction. They withstand extreme temperatures from -400° to +550° F, handle high loads at moderate speeds, and have excellent wear and corrosion resistance. In addition, BostonE® F-1 bearings are machined from extruded rods and held to close tolerances.


Material: Glass Filled Teflon
Type: Flanged
Max PV Value: 20,000
Max P Value: 1,000 psi
Max V Value: 400 fpm
  • 0.2500" ID
  • 0.2500" OD
  • 0.375" Long
  • Bushings
  • Flanged Bushings
  • Plastic Bushings

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