0.3750 inch ID, 0.6250 inch OD, 1.000 inch Long, flanged, Plastic Bushing

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FGS610-8 Nylatron Flanged Bearing


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Nylatron® GS (GS) is a trademark for molybdenum disulfide filled nylon produced by the Polymer Corp. Nylatron® GS exhibits excellent abrasion resistance. Nylatron® GS is dark gray in color. Good up to 225ºF maximum.


Material: Nylatron
Type: Flanged
Max PV Value: 4,000
Max P Value: 500 psi
Max V Value: 300 fpm
  • 0.3750" ID
  • 0.6250" OD
  • 1.000" Long
  • Bushings
  • Flanged Bushings
  • Plastic Bushings

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