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BPFTC70 Backup Pad for Turbo-Cut™ Disc


Pearl Abrasives

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Clean, sand concrete and metal surfaces.

Prep surfaces for new coatings.

Fast, aggressive surface removal.


Silicon Carbide.

Turbo Cut™ Disc series.

For stone, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and floor coatings.

T-27 shape.

Requires heavy duty rubber backup pads (BPFTC45, BPFTC50 or BPFTC70).

Max RPM: 13,300.

Discs come in packs of 25 (prices are for 25pcs)

Back Up Pads come in packs of 1

  • 5/8"-11 Bore
  • 7" Dia
  • Abrasives
  • Surface Preparation
  • Type 27

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