You've Got the Power

You've Got the Power

We'll help you make use of it in Yakima, WA and surrounding areas including Sunnyside and Pasco

What's a machine without the power that keeps it running? An unproductive hunk of metal, that's what. Power Motion & Industrial Supply, Inc. in Yakima, WA has the equipment you need to power up your machinery. Is your electric motor down? We have replacement motors on hand. In need of a new gear box? We've got you covered. Visit our sales office in Yakima or call ahead to see if we have the part you need to get your machinery running again.

Call 509-248-8220 now to learn more about our power transmission equipment. Our company services the entire Yakima Valley area including Sunnyside and Pasco.

Get energized

We have the electric motors, gear boxes, sprockets, chains and bearings you need to get your equipment powered up. Call Power Motion & Industrial Supply today to find the parts you need to get power to your machinery.